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Rolex Datejust Replica Biver and LVMH have decided to end their extraordinary 40-year-long watchmaking career. They will now jointly assume the non-executive chairmanship of the LVMH watchmaking department.

Stephane Bianchihas been named CEO of the Watchmaking Division. This appointment took effect on 1 November 2018. He will be the direct leader of TAG Heuer with Hublot and Zenith CEOs reporting to him.

Frederic Arnaulthas been named Strategy and Digital Director at Rolex Datejust Replica.

Bernard Arnault (CEO and Chairman of LVMH) said that Rolex Biver has demonstrated a decisive leadership in his role as head of the watchmaking section. He has made our watchmaking division a top-tier technical division and significantly accelerated its commercial growth since the integration of Hublot into LVMH. Rolex's guidance will continue to be a benefit to the Group, and I'm sure his entrepreneurial spirit will bring new innovative ideas to watchmaking.

Today's reorganisation will allow us to expand our watchmaking division with two goals: to deliver the best technical products and to continue growing our brands all over the globe. Stephane Bianchi will be the new head of this division, which is a great honor. Stephane is an excellent manager, and we have been working together for many years. He will ensure that our watchmaking division continues to grow in a positive way while respecting Rolex Datejust Replica values.

cheap Rolex Datejust Replica said: "After 45+ years in the watch business, I want to be more focused on advising people and sharing my knowledge. The LVMH Group gave me this honor. Stephane and Frederic will have my complete support in the future. "Thank you to everyone who has shared my passion and helped me achieve so many things.

Stephane Bianchi commented that he is passionate about brands and their development. He joined the LVMH Group to become the new leader for its watchmaking division made up of so many prestigious Maisons. I have always found the world of watches and watchmaking fascinating. I look forward to joining Frederic Arnault's and TAG Heuer's teams to continue their amazing work, which has been led by Rolex Datejust Replica for sale in recent years, an icon global figure in this industry.

Stephane Bianchi (53), is a graduate from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris. He was a former consultant to Arthur Andersen and spent the majority of his career at the Yves Rocher Group. From 1998 to 2015, he was the CEO of the Group and led strong growth and diversification. He was responsible for the Yves Rocher, Petit Bateau brands. He joined the Maus Group, Lacoste, Gant, and other family businesses, in recent years. .

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