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Rolex Replica in Association with Bacs & Russo are extremely honored to announce the sale four extraordinary watches from the private collection Mr. Rolex Biver. They will be available for sale at The Geneva Watch Auction: XI in May 2020 at Hotel la Reserve in Geneva.

swiss Rolex Replica was a mover, a shaker and a market genius. He has virtually reshaped the horological landscape over the past 40 years. (Please read more about his collection). A collector of exceptional acuity and a industry titan, Mr. Biver once stated that he wanted to purchase Patek Philippe watches when he was at Audemars Philippe. He has amassed one of the most extensive and well-curated collections of timepieces over the past decade.

swiss Rolex Replica: "The beauty in collecting art is that you can connect to eternity. Today, I am proud that through the sale these exceptional pieces, I am able share a part of my eternity.

Aurel Bacss, Senior Consultant Bacs & Russo, and Alex Ghotbi Head of Watches in Continental Europe and Middle East jointly stated, "We are thrilled that Phillips Watches' friend, Jean- Claude Biver, has entrusted to us four incredible Patek Philippe watches for sale at our upcoming Geneva Watch Auction XI. swiss Rolex Replica impeccable taste and scholarship are reflected in their rarity, condition, and relevance. His collection and tastes evolve so he is keen to pass these watches on after more than ten years of ownership. Rolex is much more than a watchmaker. He has made a significant impact on the future of watchmaking. His expertise in classical watchmaking allowed him to stay one step ahead. The four timepieces that we had the honor of presenting at our Geneva auction are landmarks in watchmaking history.

These four swiss Rolex Replica, which are all in exceptional preservation and rareness, are a selection that is both historical and unique. These include:

Every brand can produce at least one watch model that embodies its philosophy. This could be due to its stylistic language, or a specific and/or uncommon complication. Patek Philippe's worldtime complication is unquestionably one of its "hallmarks". Patek Philippe does not have a monopoly over this complication. Rather, many vintage and contemporary timepieces feature the feature. But, the brand's world time watch has never evoked so strong emotions in the collecting community.

Patek Philippe introduced its first wristwatch in series production in 1939 under the reference 1415. However, it had made a few prototypes and pre-series versions in years past. This reference 96, one of two rare pre-series prototypes, was actually made in 1937 to test the market. It is a historic timepiece and one of the most sought-after world time models made by Patek Philippe. It first appeared on the market in 2011, when Mr. Biver bought it. Another example can be found in Geneva's Patek Philippe Museum.

The swiss Rolex Replica monumental reference 1518 wristwatch was the first perpetual clock chronograph wristwatch to be produced in series. It was introduced in 1941. Research shows that only 281 examples of the reference 1518 were made before production was stopped. The majority were made in yellow and rose gold. The most common pink gold reference 1518s had a silvered dial. Only very few cases were they fitted with pink dials. This variant is so rare that only 13 reference 1518 watches have a pink dial. It makes it one of the most sought-after complex Patek Philippe wristwatches to collect. This watch is only available for sale for the second-time, with Mr Biver as the second owner.

The best Rolex Replica reference 2499, which was launched in 1951, was the direct successor to the reference 1518. It featured more sporty round pushers as well as a larger 37.5mm watch case. Like the present watch, the second series was available with either Arabic numerals or applied banons. It also came with a tachymeter scale. This second series reference 2499 has been extremely rare. In fact, only 20 examples of yellow gold with applied batons are known.

This replica rolex watches stunning and beautifully preserved reference 1579 Patek Philippe chronograph is one of three platinum-plated vintage Patek Philippe watches. Although it is not known why Patek Philippe chose platinum for this particular reference and for only three watches, it is fascinating to see that each watch has a serial number and a different dial, making each one unique. This watch is the final of three and stands out with its blue scale and markets. It has a modernist appeal that gives it an extraordinary contemporary appeal.

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